Monday, October 22, 2012

update on noah

They found a pocket of air in noah's chest. This can be normal and it is from being on the ventilator for 28 days. everyday since he was born. :( They will be placing a drain to get rid of this air/fluid. they will give him paralytic meds to keep him from being squirmy. They will give him sedation meds to keep him calm. They have stopped his feedings for now to give him a break from using so much of his cardio muscles to digest. They are putting him back on some blood pressure meds. The infection they discovered is being treated with antibiotics and hopefully they have that under control.
I am so tired of seeing him suffer and go through so much in his little life. PLEASE pray for him to find relief with getting this air drained out of his chest, for his vitals and stats to level out, for him to be able to be off the pacemaker and not need one permanently. please pray for him to progress. To heal. to get a break from all the crazy.
pray for Ava right now, she is about to have to go through a VCUG test. They basically cath her and shoot some dye up into her bladder to see if it will leak up into the kidneys. So, it is not a fun test. They will see if her right kidney is still having reflux.
I don't know how to ask anymore. for prayer, for healing, for anything. just pray as you feel lead, when you feel lead. I'm just raw right now.
I'll try to update facebook later.