Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Little Turtle

Slow and steady wins the race... right? Well, Noah is my little turtle. He is just slowly and steadily winning this race. He had a good night last night and then had a great day today. Besides getting to snuggle with his mommy, he was able to go down on the vent some, he started feeds again, he maintained good heart numbers, peed a lot, even pooped. He really has gone down on swelling, even though I see him every day and it is hard to tell, I think he really has gone down some. He is still on lasix and another diarhetic, blood thinner, tpn and lipids, and strong pain medicines. He is not on as many sedation meds, so he was awake and aware this morning which was nice. :) he just looked around and was very busy trying to figure things out. His eyes are turning brown. :) :) :) He is SO my kid! Ava looks nothing like me, but my sweet boy does! :) hehe yay. He got to be held by mommy and his mommy was so so so very thankful and happy about that. Maybe if he is a good boy and mommy bribes the nurses, she'll get to do it again tomorrow. hehe

Truly, he had a good day. He made some progress and any progress is GOOD progress. The plan right now is to tweak meds off and on for getting rid of fluid, to wean him off the ventilator slowly but surely and to up his feeds again. Not sure I can think of anything else.

Ava has started to feel a bit better. She has been really tired and clingy. Her appt with the urologist was good. We got updated on her reflux and got the plan of action for her. All pretty good news. She is teething still, but it seems to have subsided some. She seems to be perking up a bit. I pray so hard that she will keep holding on with us as we get through this time.

Thank you all for praying. Thank you for lifting us up, praying for a miracle and not laughing at me for it. Thank you for the support. We are so very thankful.

Let's PRAISE the LORD for his mighty hand in our life and on our baby boy!! I am thankful for progress. It is such a blessing.

Thanks and love,

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