Tuesday, November 20, 2012

update for now

I cannot believe it is THIS week. In fact, Noah turns 2 months old on Saturday. That is unbelievable too! Sometimes it's sad to think about the fact that Noah is almost 2 months old and he's still not home, but we are thankful that is is HERE and he is doing well now. He is making such huge strides since the pacemaker procedure. I feel like I have lagged on the posts lately, partially because I have been busy being up at the hospital with him, getting ready for this past weekend of family coming in and then thanksgiving coming up this week.
Gosh, I have so much to catch y'all up on. I have possibly already covered some of this, but I'll start back around Wednesday of last week. We were rocking along pretty well and Noah was getting lots of nice rest, with  no new changes. Friday came along and Noah got to be extubated from the ventilator! YAY!!! This was such an incredible milestone for Noah. We have now moved into the NICU. We have our own private room. It really is nice, crazy quiet and much more comfortable. He got to wear a Cook Chidren's tshirt today. He looked more like a normal baby. It was cute. We got settled in to the NICU finally and then they changed his diaper and there was a tiny bit of blood in his stool and so they took all the measures to make sure nothing is wrong with his stomach, intestines, etc. The xray came back ok, so they are waiting to make sure blood cultures come back clean etc. Frustrating, since we started the day so great. But, hopefully it is nothing. we'll see.
I am really tired of updating, keeping up with it all, truly, but I know we have awesome prayer warriors who keep up and I will continue to keep updating. I'm thankful for the prayers and the love from everyone. I can't say it enough. I don't know how to say it anymore than thank you.
Maybe I will find some time and mental energy soon to post a more detailed update. For now, please pray for my stamina to keep taking care of myself and keep positive. We are now in a new place, new nurses, new dr's (besides his cardiologists), new everything it seems. So, here we go again. :) gets tiring, but we are one step closer to home. Most of the time I am glad about that, sometimes I get scared, really. So much that will happen to get home, so much change when we get home, etc. Just lots to process, every day.
That's all for now. I'm just tired and out of updates for now.
thanks as always,