Sunday, December 9, 2012


Our sweet friend Mavah is with Jesus tonight. We met Missy and her husband Seth and their 5 kids, including Mavah, at Cook Children's hospital. Missy was the first mom I have really connected with since we started this journey, here. She and I began to visit when we were neighbors in the PICU. Her daughter Mavah was born with Downs Syndrome (we call it Ups in our house) hehe. She was a beautiful little girl and along with her ups syndrome, she had multiple heart problems. That is why we met her in the D Wing of the PICU. She was 8 months old and precious. From the first time I met Missy I knew she was filled with the Holy Spirit and a desire for ALL people to know Christ. Her soul purpose in life is to make sure everyone knows Christ. Mavah was proof of that. Since Mavah's birth, 3 people (I'm sure more than that) have come to know Jesus as savior. Missy has been Mavah's biggest cheerleader, strongest advocate and a warrior momma. She was not too busy in all of that though, to visit and be interested in how Noah was doing and how I was doing. She is the one momma that understands what it means to be a "heart" momma. I'm thankful God put her in my life. Mavah, without trying, was an inspiration to many and it is mainly because of her mom and dad. I'm thankful to have had the privilege to pray over Mavah and Missy. To be in her precious room and around all the scripture on the walls, the Word set out on the table, the comfort in her room, was all because her Mom desired her to be surrounded by Christ at all times. I am thankful for the example Missy has been to me and I pray that in some way I was able to be a small bright place for her as well. Mavah will always be special to me and will continue to inspire me to be a mother that does not hold back in my faith, my prayer life, in my studying of the Word and love for my kiddos. She has a special place in our story and I pray that in honor of her and the friendship I have with her momma, I can raise Noah to know about Mavah and the influence she had on many people. I know that there will be hard hard times ahead for her family. I ask God's complete and perfect peace over Missy. My heart cries out to Christ for his arms to cover her. I praise God for Mavah's life and I ask that her life continue to shape people and draw them nearer to the King.

Love to you sweet girl and may Jesus wrap your family in his strong and loving arms,