Tuesday, January 29, 2013

4 Months of Noah....

I want to let you know that some of these pictures I have not posted online because there are some private things on here, but now that we have gotten through these parts of the journey, I feel that we can share with you, prayer warriors, some of Noah's milestones. You'll notice I put some of his pictures with his scar, also known in the cardiac world as his "zipper". This was very private to us at first and now it is his symbol of life and God's constant hand on him. Please know that we appreciate your prayers for Noah and us. We could not and cannot continue down this path without your prayers. Love to all! Enjoy!

 Birthday and day after!

 post norwood surgery

                                                                    post pacemaker surgery

 no more ventilator!

 headed to the nicu!

 first smiles for mimi!
 First real outfit

 First bottle

 First Christmas
 My hero!
 Smiles for mommy!

 Talkin to sister on the phone
 Go Cowboys!
 sweet snuggles

 tummy time and bouncy fun


Family time

Sister love

post Glenn surgery

Starting to feel better each day!

Thank  you all for your support and love! Someday each of you will meet Noah and he will know just a tiny bit of how much he is truly loved.