Friday, January 4, 2013


Well, we started out with an interesting bit of a morning. When Noah "de-sats" (when his oxygen saturations go down) he is usually mad or upset when this happens. Today, though, he was calm and happy, smiling and letting me hold him and yet his o2 was in the 60's. So, they turned him up from 1 liter of oxygen to 4 then 5 liters at full flow. It eventually helped get him into the 70's. Basically, until we get the next surgery done, we will probably be dealing with this. Some days are great and some days aren't. Right now he is sleeping comfortably, he is on 2 liters and 100% flow and his o2 is at 77 variably. So, if none of this makes sense to you, I'm sorry. As a heart baby, his oxygen saturations in his blood will be lower, after surgery 2 they should go up into the 80s for normal range. An average baby/person/ is obviously high 90's-100. So, that's really all that's new today. Speech tries to come by and work with a bottle with him, but when he's struggling to get oxygen levels up just being awake, they refrain. So, not a bad day, just not as good as we've had before. His body is still adjusting and trying to get blood flow througout. I was able to get some more teaching about the next surgery and that was helpful.
Nick, Ava and the family went back Tuesday. So, I've been back on bachelorette life again....sometimes its what I want when I want, painted my nails, have hours to read and journal, study, pray, I have made some friends at the RMH and so we girls have dinner together in the evenings and discuss our babies and their progress. It's nice to talk with mommas who are in similar boats. We all have boys, except one and they are all preemie except noah. :) It is nice to have some company. I have been able to start working out again. I've also got my tracker back out and I'm on post baby health mode again. While pumping I was doing really well, but then I couldn't get any more milk, got into a rut with eating right (partially the hospital environment, depressive times, etc)  but I've felt motivated lately and have found a routine that's working for me. We will be here for awhile longer so I have to find a way to work out and eat right even in the middle of it all. Anyway, so life is just going along right now. We continue to pray for Noah's healing, we are enjoying watching Ava grow, develope and become an adorable little girl. Ok, chasing a rabbit for a minute. My daughter is adorable. Seriously, she is so so smart, curly blonde hair, blue eyes, silly as ever, learning new things daily, sings all the time, loves accesories like beads, necklaces, braclets, purses, but not bows. haha. Nothing on her head stays. She pulls it off. She loves her grocery cart she got for Christmas, with her play food. She loves to put her baby to bed and enjoys carrying around her Abby Cadabby doll. She's just hilarious and i MISS HER LIKE CRAZY. The time they were here for Christmas was wonderful!!! I feel like she grows and developes more and more everytime I see her. I wish I were with her everyday. Anyway, she's just been the biggest trooper through all of this and God has answered my deep prayers of not letting her fall through the cracks but to do amazing through it all!
I suppose that is as much of an update as I can think of.
Thanks for coming along the journey with us.

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