Friday, March 15, 2013

Life These Days...

I'm not completely sure if anyone really cares what we're "doing these days", but I suppose it helps me to let the people who are interested know about how we are doing and what's going on since February 22.
The last few weeks have been crazy and fast paced. I've hit the ground running since coming home with Noah's service(blizzard before that), getting back on the worship team at church(which I LOVE), spring cleaning, as well as, we've been living out of suitcases for 6 months cleaning. We have been doing well with our healthy lifestyle changes and so we are adjusting to all of these things. Things have been so busy and I've loved it. Lots of family and friend time, Bible study, church, lunch with friends, and just getting reacquainted with Amarillo. I have obviously had some incredible moments of loss and feeling like I don't know what life means from here. I've had times of wondering if I'll not think of Noah as much or if people will forget him. All the normal grief things. I have also realized how spoiled I was with being in the hospital with him 24/7 because I had hours to spend in prayer, journaling, reading the Word, doodling in my journal, soaking up quotes and words from others. I am having to fight the world again on time, energy and space to get spread out and do study, prayer and journaling. It is amazing how in a matter of a couple of weeks, satan can pry in and use our "busy home life" which can be good, to cut into time with the Father. Noah is healed and whole and so that big "prayer request and constant subject I dealt with God on is my mind has all this space to roam freely and I have to ask the Father to bring me back in and focus. There are so many things going through my mind these days with things that have to be caught up, done and redone. So much to do. I like it and at the same time, I have to watch myself or I just fill up our days and don't give us time to just rest and be together. So many adjustments as we settle back in. I'm so thankful to be home. We are praying heavily about when and how to sell our house and look for a new one. We are discussing really pushing our freelance design business and how God could use our skills to really grow that into a lifelong business and goal. We are continuing on our health journey as we eat lighter, healthier and workout regularly. We are going to be getting our garage cleaned out and sorted through so we can start with a garage sale and then give away and get rid of things from there. Life is just falling back into place and we are thankful.
Ava is keeping us so busy. She is a doll. She has so many sentences and is only 21 months old. She is talking our heads off! haha. She sings all the time and has a song for everything. She is a little parrot. She loves elmo, abby cadabby and all the sesame street crew, she like to call Blues Clues "puppy" and she likes to watch that old show on netflix. She enjoys playing "set go" all around the house when mimi and pop come over. She loves playing with her cousins and her friends at playgroup on Wednesdays. She walks right into her class at church and loves it. She brings home sweet crafts and I love it. She loves her baby dolls and taking care of them. it is so sweet. She loves to look at picture books, especially of her bubby and our entire journey. She looks at old pictures of her and says, "bubby"! Haha, we have to tell her that is her! :) they did look alike. She doesn't really know what life with bubby is, so she doesn't ask about him. We don't push it either. She sees his blankee, his lovie or a picture and says, "bubby oooohhh". :) We don't ask her about him or push it though. she is only 21 months and she knows all about bubby that she needs to. As she gets older, she'll know more and start to understand how important this part of our life has been to us. She lights up our world, she comes up to me and says, "momma momma" in the sweetest voice if she sees me crying or something. She is just a precious, sweet hearted and bright spirited little sunshine girl and I am blessed to call her mine.

I am beginning 2 new lines of paintings. They will both be available in a few weeks. It's neat to see how God is using this time of grief to really spur my creative flow and help me produce work that I love and enjoy and also provide for us at the same time. Two of my favorite things, hearts and birds. :) so excited.

I suppose that's all for now. Please continue to pray for our sweet heart babies across the country, especially at Cook's in Ft. worth and our sweet friend in Georgia, Madison.

Also, we're planning on helping out our friend Audree Gomez, another "sweet heart" by going to Blue Sky this coming Monday night. Tell them it's for Audree. Thanks!

much love and many thanks for all the support and prayers, continually.
Noah's mommy

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